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  • Company Profile

    Test Services (S) Pte Ltd is a Test Solution Provider for the Printed Circuit Board Assembly industry (PCBA), specialising in In-Circuit Test and custom Functional Test Solutions.

    We also provide full programming and support for all major types of Test Systems including Teradyne, GenRad, Digitaltest, Schlumber-Diagnosis, and most of the widely used machines by the OEM and EMS manufactures today.

    Test Services (S) Pte Ltd utilises highly skilled engineers, our engineers are factory trained and certified by the relevant ATE companies and we have a high capital investment in many of these Test Systems in-house on our office-floor, to produce the best possible an 'highest fault coverage'and 'most reliable' test strategies availabe.

    Our test fixtures and programs are also exported to all parts of Australasia, are used by Australia and United States largest electronics manufacturers.

    Australian & Singaporean Defence companies have trusted Test Services on many occasions to deliver mission critical solution 'on-time' and 'on spec', which in all cases have met or exceeded their expectations.

    Miniaturization of electronic goods presents new problems and issues for everyone in the industry. As such, Test Services (S) Pte Ltd is investing heavily into new fixturing technologies from aboard, as well as developing new solutions in house, through partnerships with local institutes and research bodies.

    Test Services has a proven track record with more than 50 man-years of experience in this industry and a fine pedigree that dates back to the Fairchild/Schlumberger era.

    Test Services (S) Pte Ltd exports to Australia, Malaysia (Penang), Philippines and United States.

    Electronics never stands still, as such it is always getting more integrated, denser and smaller everyday. More features for a given unit area.

    To address these issues, Test Services (S) Pte Ltd is always seeking new fixturing technology from overseas as well as developing new solution in-house, through partnerships with local institutes and research bodies to cater for this.

    All materials we use originate from USA, which ensures stability and repeatability of test. Our fixtures are supplied from Everett Charles Technologies, and our probes are sourced from either Everett Charles Technologies or QA Technologies, both dominate players and well respected in the probe market.

    Test Services (S) Pte Ltd provides one shop turn-key solution to the latest 'state of art' test solutions in an innovative and cost-effective way, and we look forward to being of service to you and your organisation in future.

  • Harness Cable

    Over the years, Test Services (S) Pte Ltd has been working with customers to customised harness cables based on their unique specifications.

  • Customized PCB

    As PCB getting more complex everyday, in order to produce error free fixtures, Test Services (S) Pte Ltd has formed a strategic partnership with a reputable CIM software design house, 'WirePro' in USA to provide us with the latest software and tools to fabricate these fixtures. With this software, all issues are taken into account automatically prior to manufacture of the fixture, and communicated seamlessly tour manufacturing equipment.

  • In-Circuit Fixture

    We provide In-Circuit Fixtures for various Test System include GENRAD 227X, 228X series, Teradyne Z18XX Series, Spectrum 88XX, Schlumberger S7XX series, Digitaltest MTS300 series, NHR8100i and Test Program development for various test system also, many on our in-house machines (Teradyne Test Station, Teradyne Spectrum and 1800 series).

  • Functional-Circuit Fixture

    'Delicate Functional Test Fixtures' is one of our core business. We also provide Functional Programming using HP-VEE, Visual Basic, C Programming, NI LabWindow/CVI and LabView programming. We also do PCB design (up to 16 layers) for specialised functional test system requirements and can organise procurement of components and assembly of prototype, small lot runs also if required.

  • Parts Integration

    'Not all parts can be bought from shelves, thus we work with customers to customised part integration based on their unique specifications

  • System Integration

    System testing of software or hardware is testing conducted on a complete, integrated system to evaluate the system's compliance with its specified requirements. The most common category of system test is a functional test (verifying the functionality) but system testing also encompasses qualities such as performance and robustness. While they are often conducted manually, with users clicking and moussing around, it's highly preferable to automate as much as possible in order to promote continuous integration. System testing is performed on the entire system in the context of a Functional Requirement Specification(s) or a System Requirement Specification. System testing tests not only the design, but also the behaviour and even the believed expectations of the customer. It is also intended to test up to and beyond the bounds defined in the software/hardware requirements specification(s).

  • Facilities

    We have a wide variety of precision equipments capable of machining materials from plastics to tool steels and a wide range of In-Circuit-Test Teststation Testers to support full range of PCB In-Circuit and repair test applications.


    2 x CNC High Speed Machines

    2 x Heavyduty Milling & Drilling Machine

    1 x Turning Lathe Machine

    1 x Surface Grinder

    1 x Bench Drill c/w Tapping Attachment

    1 x CNC Wire Cutter & Stripper


    1 x 228X Genrad Teststation System

    1 x Z18XX Teradyne Teststation System

    1 x 8800 Series Spectrum Teststation System

  • Maintenance Support

    Test Services also provide maintenance support for the following Test Systems:

    . Schlumberger S7XX series

    . Spectrum 88XX

    . Teradyne L210

    . Teradyne Z18XX Series

    Our engineers are factory trained to repair these systems to factory specifications and offer preventative maintenance and calibration services (to a traceable national standard) if required also.

  • Our Location

    Test Services (S) Pte Ltd
    2, Loyang Lane,
    Singapore 508913.

    Telephone:+65 6783 6332
    Email: ts_enquiry@testservices.com.sg

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